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Engine Nee Marakkum lyrics : is from Neelakuyil is a 1954 Malayalam film jointly directed by P. Bhaskaran and Ramu Kariat. It is a neo-realistic melodrama and was based on a story written by Uroob who co-wrote the screenplay and dialogues along with P. Bhaskaran.


Engine Nee Marakkum lyrics

Enginey nee marakkum kuyile enginey nee marakkum
Enginey nee marakkum kuyile enginey nee marakkum

Neela kuyilinu maanathin chotil ninne marannu
kalichoru kaalam
Nakshathra kannulla maanikkya painkili
Melottu ninne vilichoru kaalam

Oro kinaavinte maamboovum thinnu ororo
mohathin thein pazham thinnu
Oadi kalichathum aadi parannathum
Onnaayi kanneeril neenthi kulichathum (oadi)
Enginey…enginey…nee marakkum kuyile
engine nee marakkum
Paadam pachacha paavaada ittapol paavam
Neeyethra melottu ponthee
Enthoru dhaham enthoru moham
Enthoru theeraatha theeraatha
shokam (enthoru dhaham)
Enginey enginey nee marakkum kuyile
enginey nee marakkum


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