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Ellaarum chollanu song lyrics : is from Neelakuyil is a 1954 Malayalam film jointly directed by P. Bhaskaran and Ramu Kariat. It is a neo-realistic melodrama and was based on a story written by Uroob who co-wrote the screenplay and dialogues along with P. Bhaskaran.

Ellaarum chollanu song lyrics

Ellaarum chollanu ellaarum chollanu
ellaarum chollanu ellaarum chollanu
kallanee nenchilennu karikallaanu
karinkallanee nenchilennu
njnanonnu thottappol neela karimbinte
thundaanu kandathayyaa
chakkara thundaanu kandathayyaa

nadaakae chollanu naattaarum chollanu
kaadaanu karalilennu
kodum kaadaanu
kodum kaadaanu karalilennu
njaanannu keriyappo neela kuyilinte
koodanu kandahayyaa
kunji koodanu kandathayyaa

enthinnu nokkanu enthinnu nokanu
chandiraa nee njangale
ayo chandiraa
ayo chandiraa nee njangale
njaanilla meppott njaanilla meppott
kalyaana chekkanund
thaazhe kalyaana chekkanund

chendonnu vaanganam mundu murikkanam
poothaali kettidenam
ponnin poothali
ponnin poothali kettidenam
kaliyalla kilivaalan vettila thinnente
chundonnu chopikenam
ente chundonu choppikenam


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